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If everyone had their own small planet to live on and care for (like in The Little Prince), what would your planet be like?

It would be a massive planet where all animals would be taken care of and given lots of love. Well the dogs and cats and guinea pigs and rabbits.

The really big animals would be allowed to roam free without fear of poachers or human encroachment. Not sure how that is gong to work, but I can always try.
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Spencer the bunny rabbit.

Drumstick - the beagle and newest member of the family.

Byron - king of the zoo, stands on the beach and shows the world how sweet he is.

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Important article about Pet food

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Posting a picture of a pet I no longer have.

She just got to big for me to keep any longer.  Once she figured out how to get out of her tank, it was just to much. 



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Purrball is up on kitten war.   At  http://kittenwar.com/kittens/119851/  

However she has not be placed in battle as of yet.   She is going insane with wanting to  go outside.    Byron is tired of distracting her.   I have tried playing with her, but she just so desperately  wants to get outside.   How do I get the outside off her mind.  She will not be allowed outside unless she is on a lead.    I do not believe in allowing cats to roam free.
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Battles in </a></b></a>b0st0n        I decided to post about the vet visit in the Boston community as well as in my private blog.   I have ended up providing some people more information about the recall.    I also had to explain what the food codes mean.    And to the token super right wing member of the community, arguing about the value of telling people to check all the pet food they have, not just the ones on the list.  



Purrball is doing great, she was still not herself this morning.  She still had loose stools, and did not want to eat.   I gave her some cooked chicken liver, rice and broth, which she ate slowly.    Around noon, she turned back into her self.  Running around the house, playing with everything and getting into places she should not. 

Byron decided to cuff her around and play with her.  Since he was treating her like a china doll last night and this morning. I think she is fine now. 

She is watching a sun beam ready to attack...  Yep, back to normal.   Now to write up the story for dog-boston.   Get some reading done.

Purrball in the morning

[protected] March 24th, 2007 (10:39 am)
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She was very quiet last night, not even wanting to play, or do much more than sleep.

This morning I feed her some of Byron's food. Now she has energy to burn, and has gone through all her toys, and some of his. She is going from open window to open window exploring the world.

I'll write more later, I am a bit tired.

Just when you think the world can’t get any more insane.

March 23rd, 2007 (09:57 pm)
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First off, welcome to new reader </a></b></a>sothe I also keep the blog </a></b></a>tapadance and you will find stories and pictures of all the animals at the Revere Beach zoo. (As the neighborhood children call my home)

Hey there, personal reminder to </a></b></a>graykin , if you do not start updating your journal, I will start doing it for you…I could just threaten to have someone spank you, but I already promised to tie you up, and that did no good. I would be such a good guest blogger.

Today was a busy day, I have a start date of March 28th for the work to be done down stairs. Should take about two weeks to get the work done, then I will start laying tile and spreading out around the house. It will be a nice area when it is finished, a new door, tile on the floor, and larger easier to use steps. Since I am going to be using the stairs on a daily basis, instead of every once in a while for laundry. My final plan will be to remove the steps leading to the second floor door, and turn that into a balcony. Then create a library room with a guest bed. I will turn the hall where I am currently sitting into a double wall of books. Long term goals are to move the kitchen down stairs and turn the back room into a small dressing room, master bath, and massive closet. It will require making a small wall for the steps, but stuff like that I can do. Massive stuff like putting in a new door, or tearing down walls, that I so can not do.

Purrball gave me quite the scare at 6. I feed her a can of food and 5 and by 6 she was very sick. Since she does eat Eukanuba, and, had just eaten a can of chicken in gravy, I became concerned. The can was not from the recalled group, but had the same factory number 4197 on the can. I tried to tell myself I was just being paranoid, but then she fell asleep, and Byron started trying to wake her up. Then I realized she had messed on herself, sometime between my sitting next to her on the couch, and my getting up to make my dinner. I think that is when Byron became worried. . (This now has nature’s miracle soaking into it.)

This worried me on multiple levels, since Byron usually lets her sleep, and he could not get her to wake up. At that point, I figured it would be a better idea to run her down to Angell than just hope it was from spending so much time playing today. So without Byron in tow, I placed her in the crate and off we went. She was just a lump, an unresponsive lump.

She slept the entire ride, which as those of you who know Purrball know, is SO not Purrball. Two hours, and 200 dollars later, she is ok. They made her vomit the rest of the food, and took blood and urine samples. Since she became responsive after the vomiting, and her preliminary blood and urine samples looked normal, I got to take her home. However, I have to keep an eye on her tonight, and give her some thing light to eat in the morning. I am going to mix a little egg white with her dry food in the morning.

She is getting ready to fall asleep again, or something she is laying on the desk in front of the monitor. Her eyes are closed, but her head is up in the air. And, she is breathing I see her little belly going up and down. Way better than what she looked like at 6 pm. Then Byron was batting her around like a rag doll and getting no response. The doctor is unsure if she just crashed from over stimulation, or what. Byron is not worried now, so I am not worried. I find it hard to believe she could have fallen so deeply asleep that Byron could not wake her, or that she would have soiled herself.

I will post more about the vet visit in </a></b></a>tapadance in a bit.

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Got a call from the animal hospital, they wanted to know if I had any other foods from the batch I feed Purrball on Friday.  I let them know I had set everything aside.  Well I have to find the receipt and bring them back. Other than some minor feeding issues, she is doing well.  Today she and Byron ate some chicken, with rice and carrots in broth.  Tomorrow they will both be getting beef hearts.  Tuesday will be special,  the store had rabbit on sale, rabbit!     Now I wonder if I should find a local butcher to get my meat from?


The recall has been extended to EVERY SINGLE food made in this plant from December 1, 2006 - till March 25, 2007!

I am leaving this post open to all.   Please spread the word

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A few days ago, I set up the camera while Fidget was munching on greens.    I placed him in his small playpen, which is really just a box, but he likes having the four sides around him.

As he was munching, Purrball decided to visit.  With the exception of one nip, she was good with him.  I can't figure out how to down load the video to youtube.    ARG!!!!!!

So very cute.

Ok, now to figure out why I can not down load the video

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It is snowing again.  Byron wanted to run around outside, so we took a quick walk around the neighborhood.  He loves snow so much, that when we got home he wanted to go outside again!   I let him go outside, and just for the fun of it, I put a lead on Purrball and let her walk outside as well.

She was not thrilled with the concept of wet from the sky.  She picked up her feet as if she was in a bath.   Then she started shivering, so I picked her up and brought her inside.   She was not happy to be outside, or now, inside. She is running about at full gallop, attacking toys, her shadow, and the pillow down stairs. 

Had the most interesting thing happen today.  The person who I took Byron from, the one who begged me to take him, because they could not care for him.  Well today, he did a couple of  things today. 

 - He posted an entry in his blog, since removed, about what a horrid person I was.  How I would not take people's advice, and I bitched about my life, and blamed everyone else for stuff going wrong in my life.   He even said, he knew people who have it worse than me. 

-in the same post, he suggested he would take Byron away from me.  He actually said this

The saddest thing for me is that I have trusted you with the life of a creature who I hold very dear.  Seeing what's become of you, I seriously regret that decision.  My only hope is that you don't treat him like you treat your fellow humans.  He deserves better than I feel you are willing to give.

I am not sure, but I think this has something to do with my not believing him when he accused two friends of mine of stealing from him.   He made the accusation last week, the 'theft' which I do not believe, allegedly happened three years ago.   Or that I do not like Firefox very much.

So anybody -  think I am a bad pet parent, a bad person?     

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